Vehicle Tracking

MyGuardian screens

MyGuardian is a complete GPS Tracking for Vehicles

MyGuardian is a combination of GPS Tracker and Monitoring Software

Easy to install and use - GPS Tracker installed in the vehicle sends all information to MyGuardian

Can be used in various types of vehicles from bikes to trucks

Helpful for Transportation Industries like Car Rental and Logistics to assure security

Assists fleet admin in controlling each and every vehicle by solution

Helps measure and improve performance

Fleet admin can set a location for driving  and restrict the vehicle only for appropriate use

Help on cost saving and resource allocation

You can monitor location of each vehicle and track the opening and closing of the doors



Corporate Fleet Management

All capabilities available in MyFleet also exist on MyRent

MyFleet is for fleet managers only, not a car rental company.

Set alerts for important deadlines as insurance renewal, technical inspections, etc.

Manage fleet by category
Keep all information about insurance policies

Control consumption of fuel and mileage
Track income and expense for each vehicle

Upload all the information and documents related to each vehicle
Keeps track of all actions performed on the vehicle

Manage lease and installments  for each vehicle​​​​​​​

With this Fleet Management software you can:

Fleet Management


Keep up with your fleet maintenance schedule, see the history records and reminds preventive maintenances.


Report damages faster than ever and with proof with My Rent App, so your team will be able to add photos directly from any device anywhere.

Vehicle Utilization

Fleet vehicle utilization is an extremely important parameter for companies looking to increase efficiences and cut the costs of their operation.

Fine Management

Track and streamline your management of traffic fines.

Incident Management

Keep the impact of incidents to a minimum, record information about problems and workarounds, and help your team get to the root cause.

Fleet Management

Used Car Sales

Demobilize your fleet vehicles by selling them quickly.

Simplify Your Business Processes

Surprise your customers and team with the speed of your check-out and check-in with few clicks, digital signature and damage report.

Rental Process 

Calendar Planning

Control your booking and  vehicles in one space while completing  rental agreements in a few clicks.


Have all your locations in one space, adjust timetables, holidays and codes easier than ever.

Rental Agreements

Control status of your rental agreements, filter by time range, location and incident.


Check all your reservations, filter them by date, customer or vehicles, and act on reservations status - cancelled or no-show

Cash Management

Analyze your cash drawers, income and expense, as well as bank deposits and payments.


Issue printed or XML (electronic) invoices  and payment receipts.

Rates Engine / Pricelists

Manage corporate and locations rates for your website, Tour Operators, counters, per seasons, per day, etc.

Business Processes
Business From Anywhere

Run Your Business

​​​​​​​From Anywhere

Have access to your business no matter where you are.

MyRent  App will make your life easier. You can capture damages, have information about costs and revenues in any period, and know how much reservations and payments are expected.

All the control at your fingerprint.

MyFleet Corporate Fleet Management

MyGuardian GPS Vehicle Tracking

Here other products:

MyRent Benefits

MyRent All-In-One

Car Rental Software

MyRent is a complete Car Rental Software that makes running your car rental business easy, fast and profitable.​​​​​​​

Spend less time on control and more time on growth.


1. User-friendly, it makes easy, fast and cheap to train your team.
2. Integrates all your company's areas, improving management and operations.
3. Paperless management and operations, also digital signature.

4. Fast way to organize payments, vehicle availability and fleet management.

5. Surprise your customers and team with the ease of booking a vehicle.

6. Integrations with various Tour Operators.

7. Insightful reports to help you control and improve your business.​​​​​​​

If you are, for any reason, unhappy with your Car Rental Software or looking for a new one, we want to help you:

  • For over 18+ years we have specialized in the car rental industry​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Between Jul/2019 and Feb/2020, we worked hard to evaluate the best global options of Software as a Service (SaaS) running on Cloud for the car rental industry​​​​​​​

  • Through those months we talked with suppliers, watched demos, interacted with users and customers, attended important fairs in Brazil, England, Argentina, Portugal and China, and sent a final RFI form to suppliers, with eighteen pages of questions, as a final evaluation​​​​​​​

We are proud to choose Dogma Systems, becoming their face to Latin America, the USA, and Canada. We are keen to help them all over the world.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you 

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