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Our goal for this space is to recommend some software tools that we use on a daily basis to plan, develop solutions or optimize some activities. But we also want to offer some specific tools for the industries we are providing solutions.


Cloud-Based Business Plan Software

For years we have been using Liveplan, recommended to clients and entrepreneur friends, as well as using it in some consultancies that involve financial analysis. Liveplan makes easier and quick to write a Business Plan with more accuracy than we take personally care of all calculations, even using a spreadsheet. Another interesting point is that Liveplan is affordable for any budget. 


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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office Apps (we use Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access)

We have been trying another solutions for Editor, Spreadsheet, Presentations, but seems that the world still use "Microsoft Office", so we decided to have it as our standard, but our preferred tool is ACCESS. Maybe nobody told you that Access is an excelent tool to create basic databases, forms and reports in a flight, but you can also use it to create complex systems, as we did, e.g., Vehicles Depreciation and Residual Value Calculation, and a Money Transfer processing a bunch of transactions per day for thousand clients in USA (Access + VBA).  Unfortunately, Access is not available for macOS, but only for Windows, so in our Macs we have also VirtualBox running Windows. 


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Vector Graphics Software for your Designs & Ads

In Intrace we are using Amadine to create brochures, flyers, business cards, ads materials, design to our website, etc. Amadine is easy to learn and use.  Before Amadine, months agos, we were using two software, one paid and another freeware. The paid one costs much more money compared with Amadine, and the freeware was not running in macOS Catalina, so we were waiting for an update, but business cannot wait.


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